CEPR Discussion Papers

CEPR Discussion Papers. A database of discussion papers based on research conducted by Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR).


CEPR Discussion Papers ia a database of research papers conducted by Center for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Papers intended for widespread discussion among other professionals in the field of economic policy as well as for rapid and thorough validation of research results. CEPR publishes over 800 discussion papers annually and maintains an archive of over 14,000 papers.

The database contains discussion papers on the following subject areas:

  • Labour Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Financial Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • International Trade and Regional Economics
  • Organizational Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Development Economics
  • Economic History
  • International Macroeconomics and Finance
  • Monetary Economics and Fluctuations
  • Macroeconomics and Growth
  • and others.

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