HSTalks Journals

HSTalks Journals in The Business & Management Collection in the field of finance, marketing, management, accounting and others.


Access to the following HSTalks Journals The Business & Management Collection journals:

  • Journal of Digital & Social Media Marketing
  • Journal of Brand Strategy
  • Journal of Supply Chain Management, Logistics and Procurement
  • Journal of Business Continuity & Emergency Planning
  • Journal of Digital Banking
  • Journal of AI, Robotics & Workplace Automation
  • Applied Marketing Analytics: The Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • Journal of Cultural Marketing Strategy
  • Advances in Online Education: A Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • Journal of Digital Media Management
  • Journal of Risk Management in Financial Institutions
  • Management in Healthcare: A Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • Cyber Security: A Peer-Reviewed Journal
  • Journal of Airport Management
  • Journal of Payments Strategy & Systems
  • Journal of Education Advancement & Marketing
  • Journal of Data Protection & Privacy
  • Journal of Financial Compliance
  • Journal of Urban Regeneration and Renewal
  • Corporate Real Estate Journal
  • Journal of Securities Operations & Custody
  • Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation

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