General information

Our collections has more than 1 million items in Russian and foreign languages. The history of the library originates from the beginning of XX century. Initially the foundation for the development funds was the library of the Moscow city University. A.L.Shanyavsky (1908 – 1918). After 1918, the library received the book collection of the restructured soviet scientific and educational institutions and organizations such as the Institute of Red Professors, the Communist international, party school, Academy of the social Sciences, etc.

The library contains books on the basic branches of knowledge (scientific and educational literature), and dissertation defended in Ranepa.

What can I find in the library

We provide students and staff with academic and training literature. In addition, all the theses upholded in RANEPA are kept in the library fund. Also we have wide access to online resources with academic and training literature, periodical press, analytical tools. All the resources are accessible via computers in the library or via your own gadgets but in this case you need to get special login-password. For further information about login-password combinations please contact your Dean’s office.

Rare books

As the library has a long history of funds expansion, by now we are holding 1100 units published before 1830. In addition, there is a separate collection including units published between 1831 and 1917 with remaining autographes, bookplates, owners’ stamps or even notes. Visitors can use not more than 3 units from rare books funds at once. For any further details about rare books please e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How to use the library

To use the library visitor should have RANEPA ID card or an official letter addressed to the prorector, who is responsible for the library, from the organization visitor belongs to.

Reading rooms policy

Before entering reading rooms, please, leave your outerwear and bulky items in the cloakroom. Visitors can use items from the library funds. If you noticed that an item is somehow damaged, please, inform any of librarians. To avoid conflicts over damage to the books or library property it is not allowed to eat or drink in the reading rooms—if you need to have your meal or to drink please leave reading room first.

We kindly ask our visitors to talk on the phone outside the reading rooms and to use headphones if it is necessary to listen to or watch something. Otherwise the library staff will have to stop visitors making noise or destructing others in any manner from using the library. Even if you have a legal permission to own weapons, you are not allowed to bring it to the library. Please do not take pictures or film other visitors and library staff without their permission.

Use of library PCs

If you need to use our computers, you have to register in our visitors log before using the PC but remember that we provide visitors with computers for studies and research purposes only.

If you have to leave for more than 5 minutes, please, do not leave your stuff on your working place with PC and do not leave the computer turned on. Turn the computer off after you have finished—that is an easy step to save the energy.

Books loan

Selected items can be loaned. Please, be careful with loaned items—damaged or lost ones are to be compensated to the library. Visitors are not allowed to scan, copy or take pictures of items with limited access, e.g. theses, research documents. Also it is prohibited to post copies of any items received from the library on the web as it breaks copyright.