How to join the library?

Everyone who was given RANEPA ID card is registered in the library automatically. It is possible to visit the library without affiliations with RANEPA. In this case you need to be provided with an official letter addressed to RANEPA prorector responsible for the library from the organisation you belong to.

I lost my student ID card, what is to be done?

Unfortunately, you can’t loan anything until your ID card is restored but you can use all the others facilities and services. Contact your Dean’s office to restore ID.

I am a part-time student, how can I use the library?

Part-time students can use electronic resources anytime and loan items during exam sessions.

How can I extend the loan period of items?

To extend the loan period of your borrowed items please proceed to the library office at Building №5, 2nd floor.

How to order items via electronic catalogue?

Items can be ordered via electronic catalogue. Unfortunately it is impossible to order books that are stored in Building №1 until the library space here will be opened—they are seen in electronic catalogue but you can’t order them. If you need any items please proceed to the library office at Building №5, 2nd floor.

How can I get remote access to electronic resources?

Read descriptions of the resources carefully. If remote access is available, you will see the link to the page where you need to enter your personal login-password combination (the same you use to connect to wi-fi). If you do not have personal login-password combination, contact your Dean’s office.

How to use AntiPlagiat service (to check papers for plagiarism)?

To check your papers for plagiarism sign in your account at https://lk.ranepa.ru/. To receive your login-password combination please contact your Dean’s office.

When the library space in the Building №1 is expected to be opened after reconstruction?

Reconstruction of the Building №1 now is in final stage. The planned opening date: January 2020.